White walls

When I lived in an apartment, the walls scared me. They scared me because they were white and they were the most boring thing ever...and I couldn't paint them. As I anticipate moving into an apartment again, I know I will have the same problem. However, after looking at these photos, I don't think I should be afraid of white. Just look at what a room can look like with white walls...absolutely beautiful! I love the way the colors pop.

Even the furniture is white, but this room is lovely. I want those pillows!

I suppose white is rather relaxing after all. This bedroom looks calming.

Ah yes, white with touches of gold and crystal...you can't go wrong.

This room is interesting with the different patterns and styles going on, yet it looks cozy.

Are you afraid of white like I was? Did you have any creative ways dealing with renting a place where you couldn't change the boring walls and fixtures?

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4


Cornflake said...

My flat's white and I love the colour for it's versatility and freshness. A complete blank canvas. Think fabric and flowers for colour and you can do anything! :-)

Cornflake said...

p.s. love the first image

p.p.s. get those sticky removable hooks. They're great (I use them), they hold heavy things like mirrors etc. and don't leave a mark when you take them down.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Good tip! Thank you for that. I am actually looking forward to working with whatever new apartment I get. I will definitely be looking for accessories with lots of color!

Christina Elaine said...

Love the pink accent piillows... super cute....


Clare said...

white is such a good base to work with, everything looks great against it, you can create so many different looks and its so easy to re-decorate without having to paint.
Love your blog by the way x