Clean and Bright

"Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world."

-George Bernard Shaw

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It feels like the week is going by quite slowly. It's just one of those days I would like to escape and run away to a magical place...

...with lots of pretty gowns...

...swings in the woods...

...dreamy interiors...

...and decadent desserts...

Yes, I do believe I would prefer to spend my Wednesday like this. I hope everyone is having an enjoyable midweek whatever you may be doing!

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Vintage Ladybugs

I visited my grandma the other day and we had tea together. I can't think of many things that are better in life than that. These are the times that she always tells me her tips and tricks in life. I love when she goes through all her jewelry and shows me all her treasures and tells me the stories behind them.

This time she surprised me with these adorable vintage ladybug earrings! I think they are so cute and I just had to share them because it is so rare that I come across something vintage!


Pretty in Lace

Oh how I want this cardigan (and the whole outfit!)...

Filthy Magic cardigan. Silence + Noise pencil skirt from Urban Outfitters. Anthropologie gilded lace earrings. Ecot skimmer from Urban Outfitters.

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Tea Time

I ♥ tea! Do you?

Heart shaped tea cup!

I would be happy with any of these pretty little things...

Jasmine Tea Set

Bright Morning Tea Cups

Orjen Iris Mug

Bright Morning Teapot

This tea gift set comes with blossoming teas! How pretty is that?

Sea Creature Tea Set

These may be dipping bowls, but wouldn't they be cute as tea cups??

Mugs embossed with the name of a tea on them...how cute!

I actually happen to have these nesting tea cups. They are so fun to drink out of! You have probably spotted them at Starbucks.

A wooden tea storage box? Yes, please!


My Etsy Shop

I have been making hair clips for fun and for different occasions, such as weddings, for a little while now. It has been a longtime goal to open up some sort of Etsy shop, I just didn't know what products I wanted to sell. My friends and family have liked my hair pieces, and I thought I might as well start somewhere, so I decided to start selling them!

I am excited to finally have it all put together. The hair clips are made of ribbon and tulle and vintage looking beads and things. So if you wish, please stop by my Etsy shop. I have seen some of the hair accessories that are on Etsy and there are some amazingly cute and adorable clips and hair bands out there! I feel like I do not come close in comparison, but I suppose we all have to start somewhere!

While your on Etsy, check out the Etsy shop, Dirty Laundry. I just came across their cupcake bath fizzies! So cute...