choose to love

I received a text yesterday which said, "When we carry unforgiveness, it's as if we move about dragging an anchor never getting anywhere. Let it go. It just isn't worth it.

Choose to love
                                   and experience love."

I thought it was a nice reminder and something that should be shared. I don't think we can love fully if we harbor unforgiveness, which applies to any kind of love, whether brotherly, motherly, or the "at 
  first sight" kind of love. No matter what kind, choosing to love means

                                   bearing all things and defending and holding others up.                                                                                      
           believing all things,                                               

               hoping all things and never giving up.           

                                      enduring all things, persevering and remaining loyal. 

And experiencing love....well that is just something that you'll have to do yourself!

And since it's almost Valentine's day AND I finally found one of my favorite photo shoots of all time (bookmarked this time so I don't lose it!), I just had to post these even though they've been around a while (from Shannon Nicole Smith). You've probably seen these, but either way, pretty much the cutest thing ever.