Yesterday I was enjoying my guilty pleasure magazine: Martha Stewart Weddings. The Spring issue is full of wonderful ideas and whenever I finish looking at one, I can't wait for the next issue. Since a summer wedding is something I would want (and I am running out of time!), here is a look at last year in the Martha Stewart Weddings Summer 2009 issue. Loving the cover photo shoot. Below are my favorite features from the issue...from silk flowers and tiered cupcakes, to real life weddings filled with inspiration!


Moda Fabric

Apron: Nana's Bib

Apron: Happy Birthday

Sweet Candy Stripe: Bubble Gum

Sweet Spots: Bubble Gum

Arcadia Sanctuary: Water

Neptune Anchor Stripe: Deep Sea

Soiree Honey Bun

I went to a small local quilt shop today looking for fabric for craft projects and I came across this fabric company. Some patterns are so sweet, and colors so vivid, they make me want candy! In fact, they have their own "Bake Shop" filled with recipes of things to make with their bundles of fabrics, such as their Jelly Rolls bundles. They sell to independent stores. They have everything from fabrics and supplies for your quilting and sewing needs, to books and other cute finished products for the home, such as the aprons.

Images courtesy of: United Notions


Check out the adorable little wedding from the winners of the Martha Stewart Pop-Up Wedding Contest. All the decor is from paper products. It has a cute charm to it.


I finally decided to start a blog! I get so much inspiration from the things around me that I wanted to put it all in a neatly, organized space...hence a blog of anything that inspires me. I am studying interior design so main interests revolve around design. Other interests include anything from fashion and flowers, to a hot cup of tea and fresh cut herbs. Basically, anything that makes me happy! I hope I can make this blog as inspiring and wonderful as so many blogs are that I have seen out there and that I enjoy to look at.

Thank you for viewing!