Friday Pretties & Blog Lovin'

Today I am playing along with Joyce from I Love Pretty Little Things and her Friday Pretties! So, here is my Friday Pretty. I love her dress and the flowers and how rustic, yet feminine this all looks. And I like the love it portrays.

What a lovely week of blog love! I received two awards that I am happy to get and excited to pass on!

Lovely Leslie from Lemon Sweet Life awarded me the Blog Lovin Award! Thank you, Leslie! It was so kind of you and I always enjoy your blog so much! And congratulations again on your engagement! So exciting! :)

Sweet Debby from Inspired Design awarded me the Happy 101 award! Thank you again, Debby! You are soo kind and I love your blog!
The rules with this award are to list 10 things that you love, so here we go...

1. I love having picnics in the park with my best friend! ♥

2. A guilty pleasure breakfast of mine consists of a chocolate croissant and coffee (or tea). Love it!

3. I love skinny jeans!

4. I love Art Deco. Everything about it, from fashion to architecture, is great.

5. I love interior design...and beautiful interiors like this one!

6. I love vintage shops!

7. A little known fact, I love the Dick Van Dyke show. It is a classic. I've seen every episode lots of times and I never get tired of it!

8. I love my iPod...and all the music that is on it! I can't live without it.

9. I love Martha Stewart (and her beautiful treats like these cupcakes). She is an inspiration!

10. I love blogging (if that wasn't obvious!). And I love all my readers. I still am in awe of all the support I feel. Thank you all so much for reading. I really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

And now I would love to pass the Blog Lovin Award on to:

Debby from Inspired Design

Anna from Cornflake

Bren from Chasing Beauty

Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover

Vanessa from A Casa da Va

And I pass the Happy 101 Award to:

Georgia from S I M P L Y ~ S M I L E

Leslie from Lemon Sweet Life

Bumpkin On A Swing

Taj Acosta from Gorgeous Glam

Shari from Little Blue Deer

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Pink & Green Thursday: Fairyland

It's Pink & Green Thursday again! Go check out Trish's fantastic blog, Pink Preppy Lilly Lover, where Pink & Green Thursdays were born! Enjoy!

And while you are here, come and explore fairyland where the pinks and greens are as subtle and faint as the fairies that live there.

It is a very magical land...

...if you aren't careful, you may get fairy dust on you...

...and if you do, then you might come across a pink fairy or two...

...and if you're quiet enough you might spot a gathering of fairies.

I hope your Thursday is magical in every way :)

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Summertime Drinks

Enough with the tea, right? Well, I can't help it! I have been wanting to make iced tea since it's been getting warmer (even though it did rain last night). At family functions, my grandma always makes iced tea, or "sun tea", for her girls, as she so kindly refers to me and my cousin. I don't think anything could beat her tea, but I found some recipes that would be fabulous to try:

Summer Iced Tea. This combines eight herbal teas, such as lemon and hibiscus, with a black tea, such as Earl Grey. Yum!

Red Iced Tea. Red Zinger and Raspberry Zinger tea mixed with slices of oranges and lemons.

Strawberry-Basil Iced Tea. Strawberries and basil mixed in with tea...sounds intriguing.

Lemony Spiked Sweet Tea. Tea spiked with rum. Lemon iced tea sounds so good by itself, I am not sure about the rum!

Raspberry Rosehip Iced Tea. An interesting mixture combining rosehips, raisins, raspberry leaves, and raspberry or cherry juice, and orange juice.

Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea. Hibiscus tea, mint leaves, and apple juice.

Does anyone else make iced tea in the summer? Any special recipes?


I ♥ Urban Outfitters

Especially their sale section because I always end up finding what I had been looking for at full price a few weeks earlier. I am so excited that I came across this adorable umbrella jewelry holder that I had been eyeing for quite some time. The best part is? It was only $3! I snatched it up right away. Oh how I love sales.

And I am also super excited about finding the perfect shade of teal nail polish. I have been looking for this color nail polish for a long time. Whenever I come across something like it, it has a shimmer to it, while I wanted it to be flat. So here we go!

Just thought I'd share what helped make my weekend a little extra special. I hope everyone is getting through the new work week alright!


Lost Inspiration

I knew what I was going to be blogging about for today, but then I watched the series finale of Lost, and my priorities changed. Some of you may hate the show, never seen it, or could absolutely care less. But, after sticking with it for six years, I feel like it deserves an honorable mention. The series finale was very touching and left me full of so many different emotions that I felt compelled to come on here and blog about it. The ending really inspired me in regards to my own life.

You will need certain people along side of you as you live your life, while you will be the one that others need in their life. We build our lives with the people we love. It's what we do with those relationships that really matter. We can definitely get lost in the craziness of everyday life, but what if we could really step back and see how our lives connect and appreciate each relationship before it's too late?...before we may not be able to reconnect again as people pass on. No matter if our lives involve husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends...

...best friends...



...or any other kind of friendship or relationship...

...may we never forget why we love each other.

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Pink & Green Thursday

It is that time again...time for Pink & Green Thursday! I am playing along with Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover again for her wonderful Pink & Green Thursday. I had a lot of fun with this, so I thought I'd play again. Stop by Trish's lovely blog and enjoy today's Thursday!

And now Pink & Green Thursday from Poppies and Sunshine:

It is time for tea lovelies!

You are all invited to tea. So dress up in all your pretties...

...and enjoy all the pretty china...

...delicate flowers...

...scrumptious cupcakes...


...and some delicious macarons.

Sorry, no boys allowed!

And while your here, won't you enjoy some lovely interiors?...

Have a lovely Thursday whether you are drinking tea, coffee, or something totally different!

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