A New Chapter

Happy New Years!

I enjoy this day every year as I look back at what I have and have not accomplished and look ahead for what I want to do with the coming year. There is just something about a new year. Starting over. It is so refreshing. Take today to make some great goals that will help enrich your life, maybe help you see new places and meet new people. Have a great New Years everyone!


Christmas Wishes

Whether you are staying in or traveling for Christmas, may you have a holiday filled with joy...

...a bit of sparkle...



 ...and time spent with the people you love.

Merry Christmas

to you all wonderful people!

Thank you for all your comments that are like little gifts that fill my days with smiles :)


A Touch Of Tartan

I am loving tartan right now. It is so festive :)

How is everyone today? Less than a week until Christmas! Make it special!



Today I am feeling much like these images...

Even though this has been a busy month and I am sorry for my lack of comments, I am taking a small holiday vacation this week.

And for you who may be stressed out about the holidays or anything this day,

remember that everything will be okay...


Magical Trees

I am loving all of these magical trees! Although it might be hard for me to get away from the traditional kind of tree, I do love these. Would you have this look in your home?