Rooms With Color

Apartment Therapy is celebrating their 10th anniversary. And because of that, they have done something called "Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy". They have only shared three so far, but these three parts are worth reading, whether you know what Apartment Therapy is or not. It is very inspiring, quick reading!

In honor of their 10th, I thought I'd share a few of their most colorful interiors that they have featured on their site at one time or another...











Do you go bold with color in your home?

On a side note, does anyone else of you lovelies use Twitter?


Anthropologie: Day-To-Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Today I am loving Anthropologie's Everyday Occasions looks! Each image depicts a different occasion throughout the day. I am not sure my day looks this pretty, but Anthropologie sure knows how to make it happen!

Counter Stop

Window Watching

Alfresco Hours

Coffee Break

Midday Treat

Sidewalk Stroll


Easter Florals

Does anyone like to go shopping for an Easter outfit? 

I love everything floral right now! I think it would be the perfect look for this Easter. What do you think?

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday time!

Happy Easter!!

Looking for some Easter projects to do with your family? Check out this post on 10 fun and easy Easter projects. Love the paint chip garland!


Kaelen Spring/Summer 2011

I am inspired by the soft, beautiful colors in the Spring/Summer 2011 line for Kaelen. Designer, Kaelen Farncombe says, "I was inspired by the weather-the colors and the momentous shift from calm to chaos that happens in a split second. I wanted to translate that into my collection, keeping the pieces clean and modern with an element of something gritty and suprising."

And I think her vision is reflected perfectly in these pieces. The fabric is dyed using organic ingredients (such as, raspberries, blueberries, and cumin).


Mod Mom Furniture

I recently discovered Mod Mom Furniture while watching Shark Tank. The owner started making these beautiful toy boxes by hand! Her story is very touching, so I encourage you to watch the episode that she appears on here. Since Shark Tank, I know she has a lot of exciting things ahead! Check out here web site here.

These toy boxes are all eco-friendly and have a unique puzzle piece type lid, making cleaning up more fun!

Speaking of eco-friendly, here is a great post I just read on reasons why it is so important to use eco-friendly products. Check it out here!


Wildfox Couture Spring 2011

Let them eat cake

...and have lots and lots of eye candy!

Anything with any amount of Marie Antoinette inspiration is fine by me. And Wildfox Couture does not disappoint!

Get ready for an overload of rich sweetness.

Now watch the fashion in action in Vive La France. Another great video!

Wildfox Couture - Vive La France from ny lon on Vimeo.