Daydreams and Poppyflowers

I keep coming across amazing wallpaper that is slowly changing my mind about the whole thing. I thought I would never use wallpaper again, but one of these days I don't think I'll be able to resist! There are so many amazing designs. Here are some of my favorites right now!


Amazing Creativity

I know there is an email circulating about this, so perhaps you have seen it, but it is quite amazing! Won Park, a master of Origami, uses one dollar bills to make these wonderful little creations! Check out his Facebook and "like" him and see all of his work.


Danielle Thompson

Danielle Thompson photography is pure happiness. Extremely talented Danielle says, "I have designed all sorts of things such as digital and printable kits, paper goods, clear polymer stamps, embroidery patterns, unique vinyl wall decals, accessories for Blythe and I also offer prints of my photography." Go here to find links to her blog and other websites in order to buy all sorts of Danielle Thompson products.


Good Things

I just couldn't resist. Here's a few other ideas I couldn't pass up sharing from Martha Stewart Weddings Fall 2010! And this will be it (for now), I promise! :)

Make a poster, instead of having a guest book, for guests to sign so it can be framed and hung up after!

Hang store bought wooden initials on the entrance to the ceremony. I just found some at Michaels craft store. I think these could be used on a dessert table or anywhere at a wedding to help personalize it a little more. They could be hung in your home afterwards too!

Add a little extra something by making your own bridesmaid tulle sash.

Make these adorable favors yourself using Hershey's Chocolate Miniatures and clip art provided by Martha online!


Sealed With A Kiss

While enjoying my look through Martha Stewart Weddings Fall 2010, one of the things that stood out to me the most were these adorable wedding ideas inspired by Xs and Os!

Kisses mobile. It's like it is raining kisses!

Virgin cherry limeade, raspberry martini, and a sweet Negroni.

A kiss place card.

Lip-shaped confetti.

Marshmallow kisses on butter cookies for favors.

Xs and Os cake!


Pink & Green Thursday: Going To The Fair

This time of year not only starts getting me excited about things such as pumpkins and cozy sweaters, but also reminds me of the fair! The fairs I have been to never quite look like these colorful pictures, but I can dream :)

Today I am joining wonderful Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover for Pink & Green Thursday!!

Do you go to the fair?

Images here



Hannah from Hannah and Bryan tagged me recently with a little Q&A, so here are my answers! If you haven't gone over and met sweet Hannah, I think you should!

1. If you could name yourself, what would your name be?

I am happy with my name, so I really wouldn't change it. I have always liked the name Mary Jane though. I like the old-fashion quality it has.

2. What is your favorite vacation spot?

I do love Disneyland. So many wonderful memories there.

3. What is your ultimate dream job?

Interior designer. The market isn't good where I am. Anyone else having this problem?

4. What is your favorite thing about fall?

Pumpkins! Carving them, decorating with them...and drinking pumpkin spice lattes! I also love seeing all the beautiful colors when the leaves change.

5. What is your favorite item of clothing?

This always changes! Right now I love oxfords! It is my weakness. I keep wanting to buy every pair I see.

6. If you could eat only one more meal, what would you eat?

Something with pasta! Probably spaghetti. Or penne pasta. I would have something with chocolate for dessert too!

7. What is your favorite holiday?

Christmas! Absolutely everything about it!

8. Are you a loser or a finder?

I am not so sure this picture depicts it well, but I would consider myself a finder.

Images 1, 2-8


Parisian Eating

While going through old emails, I came across one I received a while back from The Kitchn. It was entitled "How to Lunch Like a Parisian" and made me want to revisit some pictures that I took in Paris.

I know lava cakes are here in the U.S., but the first time I had one was at a hotel in Paris...now one of my favorite desserts!
Sara Kate from the Kitchn stated, "The attitude in France about food is so different from the way we approach the subject in the U.S." I couldn't agree more. I think people fall in love with the food just as much as the city as a whole!

Look at this great purple color in the lobby. Tres chic!

And the adorable courtyard outside.

Paris really is for lovers...