Another Rainy Day

It was a rainy day today.

It is currently snowing.

And it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow.

I guess that is why I am missing spring weather. I normally love rain, but I'm missing my spring/summer clothes! And I guess that is also why these pieces of jewelry stood out to me...they are so cheery.

Robin's Nest Necklace.

Carved Blue Birdie Necklace.

The Lucky Girl Lariat Necklace. It has an art nouveau quality about it, which I love.

Spring Fling Earrings.

Nest and Pearls Hair Comb.

These may look a little more fall, but these Leaf and Locket Earrings too cute!

I recently bought these shorts and this top from Urban Outfitters (disappointed it's too cold to wear right now!), but I would like to finish the outfit with these shoes from Gap and this locket (I know, I can't seem to get away from nautical things!).

Now this is the outfit I would like! This top from Anthropologie would look great with these Urban Outfitters Ankle Cigarette Jeans. The ruffles on these Unplugged Dumbo flats from Piperlime mimic the top and this necklace adds a little golden sparkle. Perfect for those in-between days when it's not too hot and not too cold. ♥


Clare said...

all such pretty things, love the nests and birds jewellery x

Bren said...

I pretty much LOVE everything! LOL!

Btw, check out my blog today. You have awards waiting for you! :)


Candy and Cake Sugar Designs said...

Love all of these! I know what you mean, we had a storm pass by here a few days ago w/ 100km/h winds..not fun. Today, it is still cloudy and just over the freezing mark. Hope the weather improves soon!

Candace (Candy & Cake)

Cornflake said...

Rain, rain go away!

I love the nest and bird necklaces, they really stand out. Oooo and I like your second outfit selection - very chic.

Wishing you some sun from Oz! x :-)

Josie said...

Everything in this post is positively DARLING! I love the blue birdie necklace and everything in your "Anchors Away" picture!
xxoo Josie

Unknown said...

god I love the little birdie necklace, so adorable! <3

I'm doing a giveaway at the moment, check my blog for infos!

Have a lovely day! :)