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Baggage. Not the most pleasant thing. And no, I am not talking about the kind of baggage you take on a plane with you while on vacation. I'm talking about the baggage that accumulates over time in our lives, depending on what we go through. Some of you may or may not be familiar with the show, How I Met Your Mother, but one of the episodes in the last season got me thinking. Amongst the hilarity that the show is, there were some serious tones in it that could actually make one think. Like baggage. Everyone has it.

It doesn't start out as much, and hopefully most people don't have to add to it.

But, we can sure try packing it all in...

We sometimes live in our baggage, becoming afraid and insecure of things.
We try to push it aside. Give it that lived in look. Make it look part of the decor.

We may try to make it look pretty.

But, it is always there, even deep down.

We somehow let it stack up. Become bigger as we go through certain relationships...friendships...

But, it all shouldn't matter when we find that special someone who is willing to come alongside of us, look past our hangups, and actually pick up our baggage and help carry the load. Over time it will become lighter.

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HGTV Design Star

Does anyone else watch HGTV Design Star? I am so excited each week to be watching this newest season! It is fascinating to watch. Even though I haven't been too impressed by the overall projects on the first couple episodes, it doesn't take away from it being interesting. One of my favorites so far is Emily Henderson. I love her bubbly personality and her style. I looked up her profile online and, well, no wonder I like her!

She also reminds me so much of Kirsten Dunst, which is one of my favorite actresses, so maybe that's another reason why I like her so much ;)

If you haven't already, you can watch the latest episodes here.


Wordless Wednesday: Bows

I'm playing along with Bumpkin On A Swing for Wordless Wednesday. Check out her wonderful blog here!

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Crown & Crumpet

While in San Francisco, I discovered the cutest tea salon called Crown & Crumpet. They have dozens of different teas to offer. Some teas that stood out were Marie Antoinette, Paris, and Strawberry Fields. They serve food from breakfast to dinner (even wine). Enjoy all these adorable pictures and check out the details, such as information about menus and making reservations here.

An adorable little store within the tea house.