guest post from the citybirds nest!

I am so excited today because Cristie from the citybirds nest is guest posting here! So please give a warm welcome to this special lady. I admire her work and love her paintings and jewelry! When you're done reading, don't forget to check out her shop. She is such a talented individual with a sweet and kind spirit and I am so happy to know her! :)

hi poppy and sunshine readers! a big thanks to the lovely shawna for having me here on her beautiful and inspirational blog! shawna has such great taste and does such an amazing job putting collections of pictures together and i love the inspiration that oozes from her blog, so thank you again for letting me be a part of that!

let me start by introducing myself... i'm cb the writing and lady behind the pictures of the citybirds nest and the crafty lady of citybirds! i wanted to share with shawna's readers my little crafting world.

i have always been an artistic. i grew up with a mother who is an amazing artist who has shaped me into the artist i am today. so being artistic is in my blood and a huge part of who i am. i love it, breath it and if i could eat it i would! 

over the years my art has changed and grown but i never have strayed far from color. it is what moves me and speaks to me as an artist. one of my favorite things is painting and experimenting with color combination and manipulating the color on my palette.

i opened up my first etsy store a couple of years ago and my retro chicks were the first paintings that i started to produce. i love how fun  they are and the bright vibrant color combinations. they are just so darn happy!

 i just started doing water color illustrations again and i love creating them and giggling at them when they are complete. i love the personalities that shine through with just the simple stroke of my quill.

i also LOVE to make jewelry. i am a jewelry hoarder by nature so making jewelry came a bit naturally. i make earrings and necklaces using hand painted porcelain owls with a combination of leather and i love adding a bit of a surprise to them like silver pistol charms.

i am in the midst of coming up with a bit more mature line that is inspired by nature and the inner hippie in me. i can't wait to share when they are ready!

thanks so again shawna for having me, you rock!



Ana Degenaar said...

What a wonderful post, I am fixated on those tats!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HELLO THERE CB, and Shawna!

Well, I can only say that I am with you in spirit for I LOVE TO MAKE JEWELRY and create whatever comes to my heart and head, through my hands! SO NICE TO MEET YOU...now off to your shop! Anita

melifaif said...

THIS post rocks!!!! As do both of you two ladies. Represent!!!!!!

A Casa da Vá said...

Oh love the super cute illustrations and the owl jewelry - so fun! Cb I am now following your blog!

Hugs & kisses from Rio!

ellie said...

Sweet post. Very cool art!

k said...

this is such a lovely guest post, tons of great style me thinks!

Miles Of Style said...

welcome Cristie! loved getting to meet you here...ur art is delightful!

Sem Nome said...

Dear Shawna, Cristie is an amazing artist!!! Great choice!!! I love this post!!! Thanks for introducing me this lovely lady!!!
Love!!! Bela

shopgirl said...

She sounds lovely Shawna and very original! I shall check her shop out!

Hope you're having a lovely day. My husband took the day off so my schedule is kinda off today.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there sweet friend!

Oh dearest, I so understand your feeling about OBSERVING the artists around you....I am learning SO MUCH from reading great poetry and then I see the long road I need to take before I am even there...BUT....we BOTH are on our paths and the only thing left to do now is take the SKILLS WE ARE LEARNING, put the paint to the canvas or the words to the paper and KEEP MAKING MISTAKES UNTIL WE GET IT RIGHT. NO HARM, NO FOUL. We loose NOTHING. Maybe some pride, in my case, because I have a tendency to be too critical on myself..but you know, I am being chipped away at by the truth that no one will do the work for me. I have to do it and then let the critics decide if it is good enough or not! So yes, learning and taking those steps is so HARD, but what else is there to do.....I was out all day so I did not get a chance to sit down to compose my thoughts, but I have an idea of what I will post on tomorrow. It will be along the lines of this "THING" we feel tugging at us, this need to CREATE....wish me LUCK...or rather, the ABILITY....

You are such a dear! CARRY ON and know I AM HERE WITH YA!!!


Tuesdai Noelle said...

...the cutest designs :) I design handbags.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Wow, what lovely art! When I have bit more money I am definitely going to check her shop out! I can't today though...I'll get too tempted I think :p

Martina said...

Gorgeous guest, gorgeous post! Must check out more about her. Hope both of you are having a sunny and lovely weekend!

amy b.s. said...

great guest post!

Annie said...

Hi Cristie! fun post :) You are definitely quite the artist!

Vintage is for Lovers said...

You are such a talented artist and from the looks of your beautiful illustrations, I can tell you are delightful and lovely, as well. Love being introduced to new creatives! xo Samantha

Diana said...

I love your art and your jewelry...very inspiring. I love owls and have been looking for the cutest owl necklace...Im picky! But those earrings are adorable!! I love your personal photo too, how cute are you. IS that also you with the necklace, love your tattoos! :) Cant wait to check out your work!

PS Happy weekend to both of you lovely ladies! <3

About Last Weekend said...

Really cute necklaces - how wonderful, I'm heading over there right now!

StephieB said...

Great post! Lovely colourful and happy work.

Thanks for sharing, Stephie x

Bad Joan said...

Great guest post! Those earrings are adorable!


Anonymous said...

Oh Shawna, thank you for allowing this beautiful lady to inspire us! I wish I were creative!!
I hope your weekend is going well!
I went to the dentist :)


georgia ~ gi gi said...

Good Morning Poppie Girl and Cristie :) ( nice to meet you)

Oh, I love color so I will be right over to check out more of your awesomeness!
Love the little owls!

Poppie Girl how's your weekend going? Hope your sneaking a lil fun in!
Love you lots
gi gi

thingsIlove said...

Love this post! :D

Madeleine Roberts said...

The retro chicks are so cute and fun. I love the color combination and the visual happiness. Hopefully, once I settle in my new apartment I can invest in one of those pieces.