Book-Themed Baby Shower

From all your lovely comments on Martha's poppies, I can see that some of you are familiar with the Martha Stewart Living May issue, so sorry for this repetitiveness, but this baby shower is too cute not to share!
I really think this theme could be incorporated into any party, not just for a baby shower!

Book-Themed Invitations, with bookmark and bookplate.

Chic Lit Menues. Menu is listed on spines of paper-covered books.

Mother Goose-Themed Menu. 

Festive Drinks


Bring Pretty Back said...

This is such a darling idea! I am going to remember this for when my sons SOMEDAY have children. Hopefully not toooo soon!
Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog about the Bringing pretty Back Project!
Have a pretty day!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness. this is the most perfect thing i've ever seen. such a cute idea! :) check out my blog and etsy! everything is on sale.

That Girl in Pearls said...

How darling! So many beautiful, clever ideas. And that layered cake... my goodness. Yum!

Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.

That Girl in Pearls

stylenuggets said...

These are adorable- Glodilox sandwiches, yummy!

Miles Of Style said...

such cute and adorable ideas! i cant wait to incorporate them now!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there sweet Shawna! Your posts are always so SOFT and the color is again, SO PERFECT! To find beautiful photos is one thing, but to be able to find them in THIS COLOR takes a lot of hunting and luck! I so love pictures with the aqua hue to them, and finding those photos is not easy. I LOVE THE BOOK THEM and Martha Stewart's ideas are still among my favorites. Thank you for coming over to let me know about your possible participation. If you can't no worry! Just enjoy perusing the other blogs and have fun!!!! Ahhh....I am trying to tackle ONE DUTY at a time at school; I finished the reading tests, and I have scored them. NOW THE HARD PART: contacting parents about them. That is what I do not enjoy for parents do worry. I am looking forward to free time this summer!!!HAVE A GREAT DAY DEAREST! Anita

Martina said...

Sweet ideas - i (almost ;)) wish to have another baby!

shopgirl said...

I haven't seem these, so definitely not repetitive for me.

The sheep are too pretty to eat! :-))

k said...

If I ever have a baby shower, it will definitely be book themed!

Unknown said...

Awww how adorable is this?! Such a lovely idea! I don't have a babyshower in sight, but I will keep this cute theme in mind :)

Annie said...

so so sweet!
p.s. let me know what you think of beet greens when you try them :)


I LOVE this idea! Now you have me thinking.... :)

Hope you're having a great week! xoxo

A Casa da Vá said...

This is so adorable, I totally agree it could be the theme of any party, at any age! I love the idea of using books as props... and the invites are very cute - if wasn't for the rats (I am scared of them even as illustration!) - but I love the concept!

Hugs & kisses from Rio!

I'maNolaGirl said...

This is so clever!! I love the menu ideas.

amy b.s. said...

how fun and oh so cute!

Diana said...

Looks beautiful for a baby or bridal shower! I love, love the invitation, so sweet! LOve Martha! hope your having a great day sweety!

About Last Weekend said...

Adorable! think my days of baby showers are over but have to find a way to use those wee sandwiches. So cute!

heather said...

how sweet this is! i was too late to say anything (didn't think of it in time, cuz i had just given birth...) but for my shower (post baby, cuz we moved here pretty late), i really wanted people to bring book presents. no time to register or anything like that. books would have been the perfect gifts!

Sarah said...

Wow I love it!
:) inspiration, I feel like cooking all day although it's only 8 in the morning here in Belgium ;).

X, Saar

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..so pretty and those tea sandwiches are adorable. Have a fantastic weekend, my dear. Kisses and hugs

HOGGER + Co. said...

Nummy. I could use a party like that, right about now. Martha Stewart - what's not to love. Have a great weekend Shawna!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I am SO in love with this idea! I love it. I can't get over how amazing of a childhood it would be to start with such opportunities of imagination!

Gorgeous Glam said...

So precious!! I love this idea! Happy wknd! xo

DolceDreams said...

This makes me want to throw a baby shower for someone!
Beautiful...Have a great weekend,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning sweet one! Wishing you a perfect day! Anita

georgia ~ gi gi said...

Happy Saturday Poppie Girl! Hope you don't have to work too hard and get to have some fun!
Oh that Martha she is a crative one! She always leaves me in awe! What a lovely baby shower! The food looks so yummy! And the decore is so sweet and charming!
Well, I am off to a Graduation Reception soon, should be fun :)
I am hoping to go see Pirates this weekend too, wish you could go with me ;)

Love ya lots
gi gi

tinajo said...

Awww - this is so CUTE! :-)

Anonymous said...

This photos are so beautiful!
Now, I wish to bake for the rest of the day! :)
I saw "Up" a while ago. I enjoyed it!!
How have you been? I hope your days are wonderful! My days are filled with bike rides! :)


Madeleine Roberts said...

I saw these pictures on your post and couldn't help but go, "awww!" Wow, such wonderful ideas and so cute. I actually have never looked at Martha Stewart Living but I might start now. So many great ideas.
Thanks for sharing!

Gloria said...

What sweet ideas! I am smitten with those adorable sheep cookies!! :)

Thanks for sharing!!


Anonymous said...

Knowing that you enjoy the lake makes me happy. I love water. When I get older, I want to live by a body of water. However, drowning is my biggest feat. Perhaps it is because I'm a bad swimmer. haha..Can you swim?
Have a lovely day!