The Honey Trees

I had a beautiful day with that picnic I was wanting to have! (Besides some weird technical problems on here today. Dates on some posts were mixed up somehow) The weather was perfect and my best friend and I had a lovely afternoon with great food, good music, and a nice drawing session under blue skies and freshly budding trees. A great way to bring in the weekend. Another nice way to bring in the weekend? The Honey Trees! A great band from Sacramento, California. Not only is their music mellow, peaceful, indie, and...well everything that is good about a spring afternoon, Becky (the singer) has fantastic style. I love looking at their photos of the band as well as of her with her own honey, Jacob. Their photos are beautiful. Check out their music here. And check out some of my favorite photos below with great vintage fashion:

Order their newest CD here. And enjoy the weekend with some good music and tea. ♥

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koralee said...

Thank you so much for visiting me the other day...your blog is lovely. I will check out the Honey Trees..they look adorable. Thanks for sharing. xox